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We are exploring new ways of living using the concept of

co living

Kankabal is a community of sustainable country villas within the Hacienda of the same name, very close to the magical town of Izamal in Yucatan. We are exploring new ways of living using the concept of co living, through this process we have come to value the community together with individuality, openness and collaboration, sharing consumption and growth of investments in productive projects that we have together within the community.



The productive projects show our commitment with the environment and the community, giving the residents an experience in balance with the urbanization and the nature, Kankabal Community offers security and an optimal administration for the members of the community, not only establishing regulations of coexistence , if not that it manages the productive projects of the investors, generating profits periodically.

Edible Forest / Solar Farm / Tekom Ecological Reserve /

Reforestation / Stevia Production / Hydroponic Garden



Kankabal Community offers its residents a cultural and artistic lifestyle, will feature activities, workshops, art gallery, transportation, bike paths and use of the Cluster airplane Air Park Ik, are part of the benefits for investors and residents of the community increasing surplus value to our community.

Beach club | Art gallery | Cultural events | Workshops | Concerts | Airplane | Transportation | bikeway

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  • Kite surfing

  • Wind surfing

  • Snorkeling

  • Kayak

  • Visit cenotes

  • Swimming with the whale shark