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Manik is the ideal place to rest.

Here, you can take the time to explore, live, share and contact with nature. Take a time with yourself  In Cluster Manik, located in the southern area of ​​Kankabal.


Manik offers a lifestyle in tune with the environment and a traditional Yucatecan aesthetic. It distinguishes itself by offering its partners to participate in their productive projects; In addition, it has common pools, tennis courts,  bicycle routes, recreation spaces, workshops and art gallery.


Manik is a community linked to Mexican nature and it's roots.

Mosaico 4
Mosaico 5
Mosaico 6


Villa Cluster Manik

Villa 1


1 bedroom

outside garden 

Roof Garden

Ecologic energy 

Solar Heater

2 solar pannels

for conditioned air

Casa Manik


2 bedrooms

Outside garden

Roof Garden

sustainable services

solar heater

2 solar pannels

for conditioned air

Villa Cluster Manik
Interior Villa Cluster Manik
Render Manik
Mosaicos Manik
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